About eJugglingStore.Com

Shop History

eJugglingStore.com is owned, operated, and managed by Lance and Moira Woods through their parent company Crispy Clowns. The store was started by Eli March and Scramble James as a branch of Circus Luminescence in 2015. In the summer of 2020, the Circus L store rebranded as eJugglingStore.com. In 2022, as the shop had become a stable online entity and was no longer touring, Eli and Scramble decided it was best for both of them for Scramble to take on full ownership of the shop. In November of 2022, Scramble decided to sell the shop his good friends at Crispy Clowns. Eli, Scramble, and Circus Luminescence are now sponsored jugglers for eJugglingStore.com and are so excited to help Crispy Clowns grow the shop! 

Crispy Clowns  History

Lance and Moira started Crispy Clowns in 2014. They have been making props and spinning them sense 2010. They absolutely love the flow arts and love playing with fire. Their goal is to have safe and well-balanced props for the community to use.

Lance Woods

Owner, Creator, Customer Service

Lance has been a manipulating fire the since 2010 and juggling since 2012. He and his wife/partner Moira Woods started Crispy Clowns in 2014 to bring quality props to their community. Since then, they have travelled every year to fire and flow festivals to make custom props for fire spinners around the world!

Moira Woods

Owner, Creator

She has enjoying hooping since 2008 and is a dedicated hobbyist and performer. She loves to create for her passions and she and Lance make Crispy Clowns Props together. Flowing from events to festivals, vending their handmade creations.