About eJugglingStore

eJugglingStore.com is owned and operated by Circus Luminescence, and managed by Nate ‘Scramble James‘ Hughes and Eli March. Eli and Scramble founded this store for a couple reasons. The first, was to supply the juggling community with premium juggling products at affordable rates. The second, was to create an additional revenue stream within the juggling world that could help support their touring show. They toured their show and this shop from festival to festival before the online switch in 2020. While they still tour their show, the shop has become a more stable entity in its new online home.

As Circus Luminescence, Eli & Scramble are an award-winning juggling duo that specialize in energetic, contemporary vaudeville shows. Their productions feature incredible partner juggling, breathtaking acrobatics, epic combination tricks, and loads of laughter. For evening and night shows, they perform with visually stunning, fully programmable LED equipment. Circus Luminescence can perform stage or street shows and offer a variety of roaming entertainment styles.

Eli, Scramble, and the whole eJuggling crew hope that when you use your new juggling products, you laugh, giggle, and keep picking up to try again. For more on Circus Luminescence visit www.CircusL.com

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