Welcome to our Practice Poi Collection!

Practice poi are essential tools for poi enthusiasts of all levels, offering a wide range of styles and options to enhance your spinning skills. Our collection includes various types of practice poi designed to suit different preferences and performance styles.

All practice poi in our collection are unique, one of a kind sets. Handmade locally in Portland, Oregon. To order your own customized contact or static juggling poi set, please email our Crispy Clowns Makers at makers@crispyclownsprops.com

The tie-dye fabric poi with beanbag heads are perfect for beginners and intermediate spinners alike. The colorful tie-dye patterns add a fun and vibrant touch to your spinning routine, while the beanbag heads provide a comfortable and forgiving feel during practice sessions.

For those looking to delve deeper into flow art techniques, our contact poi are an excellent choice. Featuring a heavier weight and a smooth, grippy surface, these offer precise control and fluid transitions between moves, making them ideal for advanced spinners honing their skills.

If you’re interested in exploring static poi juggling, our sets of three poi are perfect for creating mesmerizing patterns and sequences. The static design allows for precise control, making them a favorite among jugglers looking to add complexity to their performances.